Online Regional Information System for Scientific Journals from Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal

Institutional participation

Countries are represented by a single organization, which may be: the national science and technology institution, a university, a national library, an institute of scientific information, or another institution developing activities akin to the system and that is interested in collaborating.

It is not necessary to sign an agreement between the parties. It is only required a letter of intent for incorporation, signed by an official of the institution, which must be sent to the General Coordination. Interested institutions can communicate directly via e-mail:


In response, an acceptance letter will be sent as well as instructions to join the work of compilation of Latindex information products. It is Important that the institution has the expertise and resources required to maintain updated databases.  .  Es importante que la institución cuente con la competencia y los recursos mínimos necesarios para realizar estos trabajos de compilación y para mantener las bases de datos debidamente actualizadas.